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Art & Design Fair

The Palm Beach Show, Florida USA - February 2024

Stone Gallery Naarden 2024 8891

Art Design Fair

Naarden The Art Fair - January 2024

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Stone gallery x &samhoud

Inspiration room 'Treasures of Time' - Oktober 2023

Tafel4 copy

Amethyst table

2023 - design table

DSC03120 copy

Lighting gems event met Brand van Egmond 

Naarden - October 2023

Stone Gallery Pan 2023 7850

Art & Design fair

PAN Amsterdam 2023

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Art fair

Kunst aan het Hof 2023

Swiss Membrini collection

Event gallery March 2023

Event Stone gallery-maart 2022

Event gallery

March 2022

Stone gallery- Independent hotel show

Independent Hotel Show

March 2022

Participant PAN Amsterdam

November 2021

Calcite cluster hunting

Behind the scenes

Shoot The Hague

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st1 gallery-projects-agates hunting

Agates hunting

Behind the scenes

Shoot Ibiza 

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Shoot Amsterdam

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For sale

st1 gallery Spiegelkwartier - Amsterdam Art & Antiques week

Amsterdam Art & Antiques week  

Spiegelkwartier - September 2020 - closed

st1 gallery - Huge amethysts

Mind blowing Amethyst

Biggest ever?

st1 gallery_projects_Pand-Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam

Ammonite Hotel Amsterdam

Hotel in theme of our minerals and fossils

st1 gallery_projects_amethyst-table

Amethyst table      

Biggest amethyst table we delivered to one of our clients.

st1 gallery_projects_Giant-dear

Giant dear

Irish giant dear

Amsterdam pop up gallery

Summer 2019 - Closed.

st1 gallery-projects-agates hunting poland

Agates hunting Poland

Behind the scenes

st1 gallery-projects-Thundereggs hunting

Thundereggs hunting USA

Behind the scenes

Shoot Villa

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