Stone gallery x &samhoud
Inspiration room 'Treasures of time' - October 2023

Treasures of Time, an inspiration room where time becomes tangible.

Minerals, crystals, and fossils, often formed deep within the earth, are the culmination of years of geological processes, heat, and pressure. They are tangible storytellers, symbols of primordial power and timelessness. Their eternity inspires and evokes a sense of humility and wonder, reminding us that we are mere temporary inhabitants of this planet, yet responsible for nurturing and protecting it for future generations.

In collaboration with &samhoud, we presented this special exhibition in their beautiful building at Oosterdokskade 5. A selection of masterpieces from our collection, including the never-before-seen 180 million-year-old giant colony of dozens of sea lilies on an invisible piece of driftwood. From floor to ceiling, we view the large windows overlooking Oosterdokskade as an exchange of inspiration with the public. They serve as portals for introspection, contemplation, and sources of new ideas.


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The Netherlands

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