A wide variety of fossils. Stone gallery has a wide variety of fossils for sale.  Our collection is of museum quality with pieces that are millions of years old and with a tangible biological history .

What is a fossil?
Fossils are remains of plants and animals that lived in prehistoric times. Fossils are created when an organism dies and the remains are covered with water and layers of sediment. Only the hard parts of the organism that are covered with sediment go on to form the fossil. Fossils can also be preserved in a resin that is dripped on the plant or animal. After millions of years the remains of the organism are petrified and a fossil is created.

Exhibiting fossils

Often the process of fossilization is stunning, leaving a perfectly recognizable organism which is very decorative. This beautiful symbol of life, immortalized by petrification, appeals to many. You can learn more about our online collection of fossils.

We have a big collection. This website exhibits just a limited number of objects, aiming to inspire you. Do follow us on social media, come visit our gallery, or ask us for more specific information.

View our YouTube channel to see short videos of various objects.


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